How Jeffrey met Karla

Everything began in Final Fantasy XI, where Maiev (Jeffrey) knew Otak (Karla) via purchasing her Final Fantasy XI Fanbook over DeviantArt. I was just impressed with her artwork and cannot resist myself not supporting awesome art. I got it and gave it a review of her Final Fantasy XI...


Art Commission!

After viewing the Final Fantasy XI Fanbook, I was very impressed with her artwork and cannot wait to ask her for a commission of her artwork. It was for pure joy. I requested TaruTaru and Hume and so happens Karla only draw Taru and Hume. I chatted through MSN a few more times to ensure...


Commission…. WRU?

I’ve waited and waited… but apparently she got a job as a 2D game artist. That means the commission was the last priority on her to-do list. Lets just say even Shantotto was on a higher priority than the commission. I was okay with it because… I get to spend more time chatting with...


Meeting Karla IRL!

Through talking and stalking, I’ve discover that Karla is actually quite an awesome girl! I’ve decided to fly back to Hong Kong and meet up with her! The only thing I hope was, she was really a girl! Since Otak was a boy in Final Fantasy XI. I’m sure Karla was hoping Maiev was a...


Enjoying the time together!

I flew to Hong Kong, met up with Karla and OMG she was so awesome. I cannot resist but open up my Job Abilities and Provoked her! She accepted me! And my target turn from yellow to red! Since then, Otak and Mai just enjoy their time together. A picture is worth a thousand words,...


Commission Complete! ^-^;

Finally, after many months, the commission is finally done. It is the piece of art that connected us together. You might ask… well who is that Hume? She is Verohawke from Shiva. Verohawke and I (Jeff/Maiev), both pitch in to have Karla drew us together! I also tokd Karla to put herself in as...


Otak and her Artwork

Karla is quite an awesome girl If you look around, you’d find details of Otak all over Vana’diel. From FFXIAH Banner to Offical FFXI Art Contests! I was glad I was able to claim her in the first...



We definitely have good times together, no matter if its in-game or IRL. We even brought our fun from Final Fantasy XI to Final Fantasy XIV! Again, since a picture means a thousand words, here’s just a picture of a typical shopping trip around Eorzea…  Keep in mind Jeff is the girl and Karla is...

Karla and Jeff

Jeffrey & Karla’s Wedding

We’ve came a long way, leveling up our relationship to the stage where we can finally have our wedding. Since we are so far apart in RL, we’ve decided to just do it over Final Fantasy XIV. We are sure you’d love something different and here we are, presenting you are wedding over the virtual...